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Scientific documentation Programme

The scientific documentation program is promoted by the General Directorate of Research (DGR), of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge (DEC) and the Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

The purpose of this program is to contribute to the coordination of the different efforts made by different administrative bodies and institutions within the Catalan science and technology system.

Furthermore, it can contribute to coordinating the different efforts being made in this area and, in general, improve the science and technology system in Catalonia as a whole in accordance with the directives of the 2005-2008 Plan for Research and Innovation in Catalonia. At the service of the universities, administration and other institutions of the country, the scientific documentation program can systemise the type of bibliometric analyses, among others, and thus provide critical information for making decisions regarding scientific policy.


  • CARHUS Plus+ .
  • Research in Action .
  • Bibliometric analysis of the scientific results of Science and Technology. Bibliometric Characterisation of scientific production in Catalonia, 1996-2006.
  • Measure of the impact and level of internationalisation of Catalan science.
  • Acquisition of new ISI 1981-2006 databases, and their later processing before use.
  • Divulgation of Catalan science. Presentation of the study “Bibliometric characterisation of scientific production in Catalonia, 1996-2006” during the Frankfurt book fair (October 2007).
  • Prospective analysis of the relation between the scientific and technical excellence of Catalan public R&D units and the development of business sectors.
  • Scientific terminology and nomenclature: Maintenance of scientific tables and code systems to support the management of Catalan research and universities. Glossary of terms for the management of R&D and technological innovation.
  • Open access to thesis founded with AGAUR grants in TDX.

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