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RSS is an easy way of receiving notifications when your favourite websites publish new contents. In this way, instead of visiting a website to look for fresh news only to discover that there are no changes, RSS automatically informs you when there is new information available, and will also allow you to cluster all the sources of information you are interested in on a single PC screen.

The AGAUR News RSS service gives you all the information on publications of applications, resolutions, job vacancies, events and other news of interest from AGAUR.

Threads available

How to use RSS service

In Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or better, or Internet Explorer 7.0 or better browsers, click the AGAUR news thread to subscribe.

In any case, to use the Actualidad AGAUR RSS service, applications that perform the same function can also be installed on the computer, or specialised webs that operate as on-line applications may be used (iGoogle, Netvives, Bloglines, MyYahoo).

Have fresh news from the AGAUR sent directly to your desktop in two easy steps!

How RSS and Gencat threads operate

STo see how RSS works, and to query all the Gencat threads, access: